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Tucker’s Cove is Now Building. Come down and reserve a lot while they are still available. Direct Water Access to Tull’s Bay Swimming Hole and deep water destinations.

All lots have been contracted.

*Pricing is for Tucker’s Cove Only

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Tucker's Cove Models, Dawson Moyock Nc


Tucker's Cove Models, Manchester Moyock Nc

Tucker's Cove Models, Cambridge Moyock Nc

Tucker's Cove Models, Seacrest Moyock Nc

Tucker's Cove Models, Warwick II Moyock Nc

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Builder reserves the right to change prices, plans, components, and specifications, to withdraw any plan without notice. All illustrations are artist rendered concepts and accuracy is not guaranteed. Extra cost options may be shown in models or in illustrations. Individual homes may differ from the models or from each other depending on field conditions. The Warwick II model is shown with the optional 3 car garage.  Some lots in Tucker’s Cove will require extra cost due to the removal of trees. 


We will be contacting you shortly with information about your home.